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Enhance your health throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Adopting healthy habits now will not only positively affect your baby’s health outside the womb, but will make labor and postpartum recovery easier for you. We help to navigate through the contradictory health advice to give you a clear and tailored plan for optimal prenatal health.

Topics covered:

Toxins – Learn how to identify toxins and how to reduce your exposure.

Self-Care – Look at holistic ways to reduce stress and increase overall happiness.

Movement – Learn which forms of exercise will make labor easier and reduce back pain.

Nutrition – Discover which foods and vitamins are going to help you during pregnancy and what to avoid.

Microbiome - Learn about the role the health of your microbiome plays in a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Program inclusions:
- Free initial health history consultation
- 6 fortnightly 45 minute one-on-one sessions (either in person, Skype or via phone)
- Around the clock email support
- Individual session goal summaries with relevant tools, recipes and resources

Women’s Health
Weight Management